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Controlled substance offenses can range from simple possession to delivery and manufacturing.  The punishment for a controlled substance conviction depends on the type of drug involved, quantity, criminal history, and whether manufacturing or distribution was involved.  Even a conviction for possessing a small amount of marijuana can have lasting consequences.  A driver license suspension is required for any drug conviction.  Felony convictions can limit one’s right to possess firearms, affect voting rights, reduce employment opportunities, carry prison sentences, among other consequences.  Drug crimes involve not only commonly known illegal street drugs, but also prescription medications.

 Drug cases often involve searches and seizures by law enforcement.  Homes, cars, clothing, and purses are commonly search, and at times, the search or seizures were unlawfully conducted. Both state and federal constitutions generally prohibit evidence that was gathered unlawfully from being used against a criminal defendant.  The vehicle for excluding unlawfully gathered evidence is called a “motion to suppress evidence,” and a successful motion can result in unlawfully obtained evidence being excluded from evidence.  

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